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Gift Customization Supply

Who We Are

Shenzhen Plaro Industry Co. Ltd is transferring from traditional leather case field to new innovation products fields,most products is suitable for gift purpose,like corporate gift,business gift,promotion gift,vip gift. We are mainly developing and producing leather products with power bank, it is not the traditional power bank, but the perfect combination of a lot of fashion functions, like power bank, leather case, briefcase, handbag, USB flash drive, notebook, holder for iPad and more. We aim to provide more fashion life style to customers all over the world. All our products can be customized according to your special requirement, small order is accepted.

Our traditional products include leather phone cases, leather cases for iPad, wooden power banks, leather wallets, leather bags and leather notebooks. While our new innovation products include built-in power bank notebooks with USB flash drive, built-in power bank notebook leather handbags, built-in power banks with holder for iPad, built-in power bank wallet clips, built-in power bank leather clutch bags, built-in power bank leather briefcases with holder for iPad, built-in power bank cases for iPad, and more.

Notebook/Diary Projects

Other Projects

Gift Customization Process


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